Immigration AttorneyIt is no secret that immigration can get complicated for immigrants. In most instances, immigrants have just one shot to make things right. The best course of action for immigrants is to consult with a professional immigration attorney.

Talk about your unique case with T.L. Brown’s immigration lawyer in San Diego. Whether it’s a temporary visa, green card, waiver citizenship, or employment immigration, our experienced team can help you find the “right” solution.

The Nature of the Immigration Law

Immigration law has a broad scope in the U.S. statutes, executive orders, and federal regulations. Plus, policies changes and various court decisions influence the immigration status of foreign nationals that want to work and live in the U.S. Depending on enforcement of immigration laws, frequent changes, and policy directives, immigrant applicants often adapt.

Agencies Responsible for Immigration Law


USCIS or US Citizenship and Immigration Services handles naturalization and immigration processes. The agency works in coordination with US State Department. Fundamentally, USCIS reviews most immigration-based processes like visas, citizenship, and green card.


CBP or Customs & Border Protection enforces and regulates customs, immigration regulations, and foreign trade. ICE or US Immigration & Customs Enforcement enforces immigration-based laws. If there is a potential criminal activity from a foreign immigrant, ICE conducts an in-depth investigation into the matter.

Why Opt for an Immigration Lawyer?

Oftentimes, foreign nationals don’t realize it but getting the help of an immigration lawyer is their best option to ensure U.S.-based immigration. In fact, an immigration lawyer ensures your application is filled out accurately and completely. Your immigration lawyer consistently works on your behalf and adds more details and references to improve your chances to get into the U.S.

Without an immigration lawyer, applications are likely to get rejected. Once you avail the services of an immigration lawyer, you won’t have to drown in endless research about American immigration laws and depend on your lawyer for professional representation.

When it comes to foreign nationals who want to get legal status in the land of free, representation can make all the difference. As a foreign national, you can always reach out to an immigration lawyer to address an issue that involves these agencies.

Don’t Wait to Secure Your Current and Future Status in the U.S.

At T.L. Brown, we handle a wide range of immigration cases. You can put your confidence and faith in T.L. Brown immigration attorney to get the best results. In fact, the T.L. Brown team continues to help foreign nationals that want permanent or temporary U.S. status.

Immigration Lawyer in Southern California Helping Clients across the World

Immigration issues can spiral out of control and that propels us to offer a personalized solution to each foreign national. Since we’ve managed to assist thousands of foreign nationals with immigration issues, T.L. Brown has gained a comprehensive understanding of immigration law.

Local Immigration ServicesLocal Immigration Services

Family and Marriage Immigration

When a relative or a spouse wants to become a permanent residence or American citizen, we help them qualify for their green card.

Employment Immigration

T.L. Brown can handle different kinds of employment immigration matters. We have the expertise and experience to represent foreign nationals and American employers.


Naturalization refers to a process to become a legal U.S. citizen and we help clients with the interview process and prepare the N-400 application on their behalf.

Our U.S. immigration Services

T.L. Brown team is more than capable to handle different types of immigration matters for foreign nationals:

  • Waivers
  • Citizenship
  • Family-based immigration
  • Permanent immigration or Green Cards
  • Employment-based immigration
  • Removal or Deportation cases
  • Non-immigrant Visas
  • Refugee and Asylum protection

Whether you want an investor, employment, or entertainment visa, T.L. Brown’s immigration lawyer can help you. If you want certain criminal records to be expunged, our experienced immigration attorney can also provide professional assistance and provide a viable solution.

No matter how simple or complicated your immigration is, our experienced immigration lawyers can dedicate their efforts to render the desired outcome. One of the hallmark aspects of our immigration lawyer is their personalized approach, passionate vibe, and specialized advocacy that makes the process seamless.

What Makes the T.L. Brown Law Firm Different?

immigration attorney san diegoHigh Success Rate

Whether it’s individuals, small businesses, or large corporations, T.L. Brown continues its streak of a high success rate when it comes to immigration matters in Southern California.

Personalized Service

Our immigration attorney understands that each case is different and requires unique touch. At T.L. Brown, an immigration lawyer offers personalized and focused service that caters to clients’ specific needs.

Extensive Experience

T.L. Brown’s immigration lawyers use their extensive knowledge and experience to help clients address their immigration concerns.

Innovative and Attentive

Our immigration attorneys understand the power of engagement and prefer to get involved with each client from the start. In fact, you can expect continuous engagement from T.L. Brown’s immigration lawyer through different modes of communication.

Multilingual Legal Representatives

Client dedication matters to T.L. Brown. It is the main reason our prompt and custom approach involves flawless multilingual representation for clients. Our multilingual proficient representatives can translate legal matters from Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, and Italian into English.

Our Honors and Awards

Our Academic Honors, Certifications, and Licenses

  • Juris Doctorate from UCLA School of Law
  • Recipient of A+ Rating by BBB (Better Business Bureau) in 2021
  • Proud Member of American Bankruptcy Institute in 2021
  • Respected Member of American Immigration Lawyer Association in 2021
  • Recognized Member of San Diego County Bar Association in 2021

Immigration Lawyer in Southern California


Over the years, T.L. Brown has helped many immigrants get their American visa or citizenship status successfully.

You can expect our immigration attorney to take a closer look at your immigration needs. In most cases, a single consultation is all it takes to find a suitable solution for immigrants.

Because America is Waiting for Your Arrival.

Despite your location, T.L. Brown can help you resolve your immigration issue.

With the support of our expert immigration lawyer, you can expect smoother and easier legal proceedings.

Contact us to learn more information about immigration law and how we can help you get your temporary or permanent US status.