Expungement AttorneyWhy carry a stain on your record when you can expunge it for good? With the help of T.L. Brown’s expungement lawyers, you can dismiss the record. In several cases, individuals often successfully clear or seal their criminal records.

Whether you want to get a new job or plan to pursue an academic endeavor, a criminal record will haunt you in different aspects of life. It makes all the more reason to expunge the records through an experienced lawyer.

In California, the process of expungement helps people remove their charges and follow their ambitions with confidence. An experienced criminal attorney at T.L. Brown is capable to help you expunge your records. If you want the past to stay behind – get the assistance of an expungement lawyer to rebuild your bright future.

Expungement Fundamentals

As the title suggests, expunge refers to the removal or erasure of a record altogether. This legal term is used in court proceedings. Today, an expungement can seal or remove a criminal conviction from state or federal records. Usually, expungements come into play in juvenile-based court cases. But it is also applicable for adults who want a clear record.

Contrary to misguided perception, expunged conviction ordered by a court judge is not the same as pardon. Instead, pardons are granted by state officials like the President and governors. Ultimately, pardon implies forgiveness for an individual, whereas, an expungement clears out the record of an individual completely.

In a competitive job market, the last thing you need is for the employer to find out about your minor criminal record. It may sound harsh, but potential employers and organizations conduct a thorough background check on applicants beforehand. If you want to build a brighter and safer environment for your kids, it is important to leave the past behind and have your records expunged.

And opt for experienced expungement lawyers at T.L. Brown. After all, different kinds of laws dictate different kinds of charges. T.L. Brown expungement attorneys are highly attentive and focus on each client’s needs independently. Seek the expungement solution that can help you build the best future for you and your family.

Is It Difficult to Get Expungement in California?

The answer to whether or not you can get an expungement in California is not as simple as you might think. For instance, if you’ve completed your probation for a misdemeanor or other minor felony, then you may get eligible to get expungement.

Of course, the expungement largely depends on the fact that you’re not facing any charges right now. On the downside, people still serving probation or are incarcerated cannot be eligible to have their records expunged. But as long as your probation is 100% complete, you can start the process to have your records expunged from the state records.

Once you become eligible for expungement, you will have to file a series of documents to the court. A dedicated and experienced expungement attorney at T.L. Brown can help you understand this complex process. In most cases, clients don’t have to go to their expungement hearings. Instead, clients just arrange and submit documents about their dismissal of charges from a judge.

Understand the Essence of Expungement

Expungement lawyer san diegoIn California, expungement protects individuals from short-term and long-term negative consequences. In time, having records expunged works in favor of individuals to get more educational and career opportunities. In California, employers legally cannot discriminate against a potential employee who has had his or her conviction expunged.

The same rules apply to individuals who had an arrest record but didn’t get a conviction for that crime. With an expungement, individuals get more wiggle room to pursue their professional career and preserve immigration rights. Not to mention, an expungement also does not impact your residency status in California.

Don’t Let Your Past Impact Your Future

In the scheme of all things, criminal records don’t vanish overnight. You need to adopt a proactive approach and get a clear record from your previous arrest even after the dismissal of charges. Initiate the expungement process to protect your future and start a new tomorrow for the people you hold dear the most.

How Expungement Lawyers Can Help

By law, you don’t have any obligation to hire a lawyer to get an expungement. However, getting a clean record requires the knowledge and experience of an expungement lawyer who understands criminal law. Oftentimes, individuals who seek expungements without an attorney usually get denied by the courts or district attorney.

When it comes to expungement, representation can make all the difference. In 2022, there are still judges and prosecutors who don’t understand the full extent of expungement laws in California. And hiring a competent expungement lawyer would be the more sensible decision.

With proper legal representation, you can present your case with more professionalism. Plus, it won’t put you in a corner against prosecutors. So, if you want to attain an expungement, make sure to choose a lawyer who understands your case.

Who Can Opt for Expungement in California

Expungement-legal-teamIn California, not everyone who has had a conviction can get an expungement. In most cases, the eligibility to expunge a record depends on the nature and severity of the conviction. Also, having a record expunged applies only in non-incarcerated court cases.

According to the penal code related to expungements in the state of California, individuals qualify for an expungement as long as they meet their probation requirements for misdemeanor and felony offenses. Again, in order to proceed, you have to complete all of the state-mandated requirements.

Circumstances where individuals might not qualify to get expungement:

  • Individuals serving prison time for multiple criminal offenses
  • Individuals with serious convictions like sex offenses
  • Convicts who’ve served prison time in California state prison despite their conviction or violation of the probation
  • Individuals charged with a criminal crime
  • Individuals on probation for a criminal crime

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