Tristan Brown obtained his Bachelor’s degree at UCLA before earning his Juris Doctorate at UCLA School of Law.  He worked at the U.S. Peace Corps, BP, Occidental Petroleum, and HBO prior to managing a Beverly Hills-based bankruptcy and entertainment law office for nearly four years.  After procuring a wealth of diverse experience, Attorney Brown founded The T.L. Brown Law Firm, P. C. and opened its first office in San Diego, California.The firm quickly grew and retained over 1,000 clients in its first two years of business, branding the firm as a leader in the fields of bankruptcy and immigration. 

T.L. Brown Law provides competent services in addition to a high degree of professionalism and accessibility. With two offices in the Southern California, T.L Brown is a blossoming performer in the legal field.  We look forward to continued growth and surpassing all of our clients’ expectations.

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