You deserve the most experienced and qualified criminal defense attorney that can protect your constitutional legal rights. At T.L. Brown Law Firm, our team reviews each case in-depth to build a strong case. From police reports to witness statements, we focus on potential flaws to present the best case on the client’s behalf.

Your future does not have to be on the line!

Approach of T.L. Brown Law Firm

Criminal Defense AttorneyThe skilled and experienced team at T.L. Brown understands the subtle dynamics and nuances in criminal defense. As a team of criminal defense lawyers operating in the Southern District of California, we continue to have a successful track record.

Legal representation matters and we understand what it takes to handle complex criminal charges. The truth is that a criminal charge is bound to take an emotional, financial, and mental toll. Our approach is to provide professional and aggressive legal representation at a competitive cost.

How T.L. Brown Stands Out

We believe in competent advocacy in the courtroom. Our focus of attention is to help clients that have an important play in the local communities. It is the main reason we engage with the community members and engage with clients to amplify their voice.

In the last decade, criminal defense practice has become more dynamic and complex. We work tirelessly to safeguard the rights of our clients. Our broader scope allows us to ensure transparency and avoid divesting consequences for clients.

From DUI to assault, our specialized defense practice revolves around an innovative model that renders positive results. Over the years, we have managed to help out thousands of clients with different types of trial, as well as post-conviction issues.

Our Direct and Holistic Representation

Our legal staff understands how to navigate the challenging justice system and get involved instantly. Part of our effectiveness comes from our prior experience in different types of criminal cases. The T.L. Brown team offers full assistance to clients with consistent engagement.

We also work with families of the clients to minimize the downside of an arrest. The best aspect of T.L. Brown’s legal representation boils down to its holistic advocacy. In fact, our paralegals and attorneys review all angles of charges and then seek out suitable solutions.

You’d be surprised how often people face unjust incarceration and need to connect with professional defense attorneys who can overcome hurdles. Our T.L. Brown team tackles each issue that concerns our clients and reviews the validity of physical evidence and identification.

Our Advanced Legal Representation

We elicit realistic narratives that revolve around compelling stories and ultimately dismiss false accusations. Allow us to prove your innocence in a court of laws with critical content and facts. The objective of our defense attorneys is to opt for dismissals, verdict reversals, acquittals, and not-guilty verdicts. We also seek out a clearance in wrongful convictions that haven’t had a verdict in years.

Our legal advocacy extends beyond independent cases. In fact, we work to make progressive changes in the justice system and drive fundamental reforms that can protect people’s rights in criminal cases. Our legal advocacy continues to lead to significant legislative victories.

We often take and highlight cases that are challenging and need critical assistance. Our proven record makes us one of the most respected and sought out criminal defense firms in Southern California. The T.L. Brown team understands that every case is different and requires a unique approach and strategic effort to get the desired results.

criminal defense attorney servicesWho Do We Serve?

Our criminal defense attorney services are not just for criminal defendants. In fact, we defend doctors, union workers, teachers, laborers, small business owners, and tech professionals. We know that each person has a unique case and needs undivided attention.

T.L. Brown’s team knows that being accused of a serious crime has a short-term and long-term impact if convicted. Once there is an arrest, stress among clients often spirals out of control as it becomes a permanent record. It makes all the more reason to hire an experienced defense attorney that can represent you professionally in a court of law.

The last thing you want is to incur collateral damage of an arrest and criminal conviction. You should be aware of the fact that criminal conviction negatively impacts your career and family.

Our Defense Attorney Services

T.L Brown lawyers have the skills in confessions, privacy rights, constitutional rights, search & seizure law, sobriety tests, Miranda warnings, court hearings, trial, and witness investigation. Our lawyers are experienced to handle different types of criminal charges. T.L Brown criminal defense services include:

  • DUI
  • Burglary
  • Felonies
  • Harassment
  • Assault and Battery
  • Hit and Run or Reckless Driving
  • Suspended Licenses
  • Probation Violations
  • Domestic Violence
  • Human Trafficking
  • Fraud or Identity Theft
  • Money Laundering
  • Weapons Charges

Drug Crime

From personal use to sales to transportation of a drug crime, T.L. Brown lawyers can represent you with specific drug charges.


Whether it’s first-time misdemeanors, felony DUI, or multiple charges of DUI, we have tried successful DUI cases. Our team of lawyers is qualified to negotiate at your behest and make a suitable settlement.

Domestic Violence

The team of lawyers at T.L. Brown has the experience to represent individuals for domestic violence. It can involve felony, homicide, or misdemeanor charges. In 2022, we continue to win over many dismissals of domestic charges.

Sex Charges

At T.L. Brown, criminal defense lawyers have had the experience to represent people accused of solicitation, child molestation, rape, or other charges of sexual nature.

Theft Charges

Our criminal defense lawyers are capable to handle theft charges. Whether it’s a complex embezzlement accusation or minor alleged shoplifting, we cater to each case with care and professional governance.

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Southern California

Attorney Scott Peterson, Attorney Tristan Brown, and Manager Alex Lopez

The team of lawyers at TL Brown Lawyers has the expertise to resolve state and federal cases in California. From major felonies to common misdemeanors, our licensed attorneys offer specialized service in Southern California District that includes San Diego and other imperial counties.

T.L Brown Team takes pride in its successful track record. We believe anyone who faces a criminal charge deserves an unbiased and unprejudiced representation in court. Clients count on us to fight for their legal rights and win over the case on favorable terms.

Contact us If you require the support of a defense attorney, we can help you get you the “right” attorney for your criminal case.