Top 10 Legal Apps For 2020

For a world that has evolved to become exceedingly mobile, we need digital solutions for all of our everyday needs and demands. Including legal help.

Apple’s iTunes and Google’s PlayStore (as well as Microsoft Store) are brimming with legal apps designed for legal professionals as well as their clients to make legal aid accessible, convenient, and quick. Whether you want a mobile app to browse through hundreds of available attorneys to pick the best one you like, or a software platform to create legal documents electronically, or even if you want a new legal services logo for the solo business you’ve started, there’s an app (or more like 50!) designed especially for you.

But out of these hundreds and thousands of apps, which one do you think is the most suitable for you?
Answering this very question, we bring to you 10 of the most efficient legal apps that come highly rated on app stores for 2020.

1. For Quick and Efficient Legal Help: Legal XM

10 best legal apps
Legal XM provides comprehensive legal aid solutions for the client on the go. Here you can find top law firms in the country, competent lawyers, detective agencies, and bail bond companies near your location who can be there to assist you at a click of a button.

The app offers highly secured privacy of data, quick arrival of legal help, and access to other areas of legal aid in a highly professional and confidential environment. The app is suitable for both personal and business legal needs.
Available on both iOS and Android.

2. For Competitive Legal Help: BernieSez

BernieSez is a web-based app that allows you to upload relevant pictures/information regarding your case (DUI, Parking Ticket, DWI, etc.) on to the platform. Once you upload the pictures, the lawyers can review your case and connect with you by sending you their offers.


You can review each offer, get a chance to take a look at the competing lawyers, compare fees, see what other clients are saying about them, and pick a lawyer that you find the most suitable.

3. For Legal Research: Fastcase

As a legal aid consumer, it bodes well for your case to come prepared. The more knowledgeable you are regarding the applicable laws in your specific situation, the more in control you’ll be. Attorneys also appreciate clients who have at least some knowledge of what may take place and therefore are more open and involved in the process.

For legal research on the go, Fastcase is the perfect tool. It is an online law library comprising of a comprehensive legal research database that helps you search for, sort out, and cite references and cases that are specific, relevant, and up-to-date.


Fastcase has a search filter for a more focused search that lets you search through keywords, and save search histories too. Available for both iOS and Android for a fee that’s worth every penny.

4. For Dictation and Transcribing: Dictate + Connect

It is the Dictaphone of modern times. This handy tool comes with a desktop as well as a smartphone version. Not only it lets you record notes, dictation, and other voice recordings, its ever-increasing speech-to-text capabilities also reduce the amount of time spent transcribing and typing your documents.



You can use it to record and transcribe important information as you remember it, record important conversations (after permission), and take verbal notes during meetings. Available for both iOS and Android.

5. For Creating Legally Binding Contracts Electronically: Forms by LegalShields

Forms by LegalShields are a rebrand of the original app: Shake. The key features are the same. The app offers a wide variety of legally binding contracts from business agreements to NDAs and from loan agreements to renting agreements. You can also hire freelancers using this app.


It allows you to sign documents electronically, both in-person and remotely too. You can then share the documents with your clients, associates and anyone you wish giving access to. You can also audit the trails of your Forms agreements. The extensive depository of premade contracts allows you to create and modify agreements within minutes and make the work keep moving forward. Available for both iPhone and Android. This type of service is very helpful when working with a local bankruptcy attorney as lots of documents need to be signed & shared.

6. For Child Protection and Safety: FBI’s Child ID App

This is an app created by the FBI.

As parents, there is nothing worse than having to fear about the safety and security of your children. Having this app at hand, you can make sure that all the current information about your child – height, weight, distinctive features, is always updated in this app so it can be directly and accurately communicated to authorities – via email through a quick tab on the app – in case the unthinkable ever happens.

In addition to your child’s regular photo, you can also add additional photos of their distinctive features like birthmarks, moles, scars, etc.


In case you are worried about the security of such updated and current information about your child, don’t. The app does not store any information anywhere except your own device, and only communicates it to authorities when you email that information to them.
The app is available for both iOS and Android.

7. For Document Notarization: NotaryCam

Document notarization is a notoriously time-taking task. The NotaryCam app through its professional network of certified notaries from all 50 states of America helps you notarize your documents in a highly secured, fast, and legal environment.


The cam that’s connected with the app enables customer verification, and through digitizing the document and electronic signature, all the notarization needs are fulfilled with extreme ease, security, and convenience. The app is currently only available for iOS devices.

8. For Document Scanning: CamScanner

An app that comes in useful when you have tons of documents containing hundreds of pages that need to be digitized.
CamScanner scans your documents with a smart auto crop, meaning it will detect only the document and not the distracting features like tables, background photos or anything that may be present in the picture.


As you can see, it allows you to interact with the digitized document. You can add text, highlight portions, and include annotations, watermarks, or comments to help you use the document for legal purposes. Available for both iOS and Android.

9. For Note Taking Organization: Evernote

Note-taking is an integral part of fighting a court case, however much insignificant in the grand scheme of things. To remain updated with the evolving case, highlight important parts of a document, record significant details, you need an intuitive and collaborative tool to help you along.
Evernote allows you to scan your documents, share notes across platforms and teams, and annotate the notes you take with important feedback. The app’s Web Clipper feature to screenshot specific areas of a webpage or document that you are viewing online for later use. You can also save information using voice notes and images.


The app comes with smart integration options and is available for both iOS and Android.

10. For Spousal Support Estimations in Case of Divorce: Avvo

Preparing alimony estimates comes with a lot of mediating factors that can make it a far more sensitive and complicated procedure than most others in the legal field. An alimony and child support calculator like Avvo – a web-based app – helps you get an idea and sense of where you stand and what needs to be done.


The app’s powerful AI helps you get unique estimates that aren’t generated through a one-size-fits-all scenario. The calculator gives you realistic estimates and further aid connects you with legal aid professionals if you are looking for help.


We have tried to pinpoint important legal-aid related areas that may need professional help, and that can be efficiently and conveniently handled through the use of an app.

Tell us what do you think of this list and let us know if we have missed any that you think should have been included – this is by no means a final list.


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